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Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction web page. This web page has been developed to keep all members of the Rhinebeck educational community informed about important matters pertaining to Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in the District. As the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, I am very proud of the quality of the academic programs that we offer here in Rhinebeck. The Rhinebeck Central School District is an educational community that is committed to excellence and equity for all of our students.

Given the ongoing educational reform initiatives in New York State, it is more important than ever that all community members be actively engaged in public education. An important first step is to be fully informed about the District's academic programs.

The District has been engaged in many exciting activities designed to enhance student achievement by continuously improving the quality of our academic programs. Over the course of the past few years, the District has written and published K-12 curriculum documents in the areas of Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and many other academic disciplines. These curricula are approved by the Board of Education and are currently being used to guide instruction in the classrooms throughout the District. The documents are available in their entirety by using the links to the bottom of this page.

Members of the Rhinebeck educational community are invited to view the recently completed, and Board of Education approved, K-8 English Language Arts curriculum. The curriculum can be accessed by clicking on this link: ELA K-8 Curriculum  All K-8 teachers of English Language Arts were fully engaged in this curriculum project and are to be complimented for their dedication and professionalism while working diligently over the past several years to bring this project to a successful completion. Every effort was made to ensure alignment with the New York State English Language Arts Standards for each grade level. The teachers, along with support from a consultant, endeavored to create a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and accommodates for student diversity, while creating opportunities for every student to access challenging and enriching curriculum that is designed to support all students as they meet the challenge of high school graduation requirements. All community members are encouraged to view these documents, and should anyone have any questions, to contact your child’s teacher, a building principal, or the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Our dedicated teachers have been actively engaged in many professional development activities designed to enhance their teaching skills so that our students can achieve their fullest academic potential. The District is currently revising and updating the Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP). This plan guides District activities in many important areas such as evaluation of faculty, technology, mentoring new teachers, academic intervention services, student achievement, communication, improving instruction, curriculum development, and reporting student achievement results. When the plan is completed, it will be available in its entirety by following this link: CDEP. You are encouraged to review the document when it is completed.

It is our sincere desire that this web page provide you with the information you seek. Please avail yourself of the links provided. If you have any questions regarding Curriculum, Instruction, or Assessment, please feel free to contact our office. It would be a privilege to assist you.

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