District Committees

The Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP) Committee is made up of teacher, parent, non-instructional staff, administrator, and school board representatives who meet to assist the District to develop, implement, and revise its long-range efforts to improve student achievement. Through a process recommended by the State Education Department, the resulting Plan focuses on the priority areas identified by the District’s stakeholders and serves as a driving force behind the curriculum, professional development, and assessment initiatives for the next three to five years. The Plan is updated in alignment with the district’s goals as well as with state and federal requirements, including those mandated by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation.



In addition, each building has a Building Level Planning Team that meets monthly to deal with issues specific to that building within the context of shared decision making.


The Arts in Education Committee works in cooperation with the District’s administrators and teachers to bring high quality Arts In Education programs to the District's children through the District's prioritized curricula.


The Health & Wellness Committee of the Rhinebeck Central School District is made up of parent, teacher, non-instructional, principal, and administrative representatives to assist the District develop and implement student and employee health and wellness iniatives.



The ad hoc Community Advisory Committee for Long Range Planning was formed by the Board of Educatrion in Spring 2018 amd comprised of members of the school community, including school staff, parents, and community members. The Board's charge to the CAC-LRP was as follows: 

"The Board of Education invites members of the Rhinebeck Central School District community to come forward with expressions of interest in participating in the RCSD Citizens Advisory Committee on Long Range Planning.

"Members of the Citizens Advisory Committee will be charged with working alongside members of the Board of Education’s Long Range Planning Committee to advise the Board regarding significant opportunities for innovation in our schools as well as priority-setting for the allocation of resources in the coming budget cycle and beyond.

"These discussions and deliberations will be guided by the mission, vision, and core values of the Rhinebeck Central School District as well as documents produced by the Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP) team. Meetings will be held over the course of at least three (3) evenings to be scheduled prior to the Board's adoption of goals for the 2018-19 academic year."



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