School Budget 2018-2019

Tax Levy Limit

Budget Reductions

3-Part Budget Summary

Budget Development Process

School Budget 2018-2019

2018-19 Budget Development Documents


Revenue 18-19 Rollover

Revenue 18-19 First Draft

Revenue 18-19 Second Draft

Revenue 18-19 Third Draft

Revenue 2018-19 Fourth Draft

Revenue 2018-19 Fifth Draft

Revenue 2018-19 Sixth Draft



Tax Levy Limit 18-19 Rollover

Tax Levy Limit 18-19 First Draft

Tax Levy Limit 18-19 Second Draft

Tax Levy Limit 18-19 Final Draft



Budget 18-19 Rollover

Budget 18-19 First Draft

Budget 18-19 Second Draft

Budget 18-19 Third Draft

Budget 18-19 Fourth Draft

Budget 18-19 Fifth Draft

Budget 18-19 Sixth Draft



Changes to 3rd Draft Budget 18 -19

Budget Changes Fourth Draft 18-19

Budget Changes Fifth Draft 18-19

Budget Changes Sixth Draft 18-19


Three Part Budget Summary and Admin Ratio





Documents from Budget Workshop, Saturday, March 10, 2018

Budget Changes 03-10-18


Tier One Options for Budget Reductions 03-10-18

Tier Two Options for Budget Reductions 03-10-18




Tier One Options for Budget Reductions 04.03.18

Tier Two Options for Budget Reductions 04.03.18

 Tier One Budget Reductions for Sixth Draft 18-19



 Spring 2018 The Resource - Budget Newsletter






Prospective Board Candidate Packet


Absentee Ballot Application (Please note that the completed application must be

received by the District Clerk at least seven (7) days prior to the vote if the ballot is to be

mailed or the day before the vote if the ballot will be picked up personally by the voter.)

Finally, let us know what you think!  Send comments, suggestions or questions on the 2018-19 school district budget to, a special e-mail address established to solicit and respond to your budget input. In addition, your Board of Education members always appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas on this topic, or any other.



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